One Goal ! Become the most trusted Painting Company in the Tristate

We still believe in showing up doing a good job , kindness , respect, and going the extra mile. Our mission is simple to become the most trusted local painters in the Northern Kentucky - Cincinnati tristate area. Our action plan to achieve that is simple. We're going to show up , be kind , polite , deliver quality interior and exterior painting services and be willing to go the extra mile. We know for a fact, it's that simple to win in the paint trade. And we're going to prove it.

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Why Choose ExtraPrep Pro Painting?

The reasons are immense. From our Proprietor Anthony Ford, one of the most trusted Contractors in the Tri-State area. To our passion and love to help clients achieve beautiful places to live and work. We have some distinct advantages listed below that we believe anyone looking to paint the interior or exterior of a home or business should pay attention too.


  • No Wait Project Starts- GET IT NOW!
  • 1-2 Visit Completions in Most Cases _ #lowintrusion
  • 3 Year Tradesmanship Warranty. All Jobs quality checked by Company , then walked with customer , 15 day no hassle touch up with all jobs.
  • Superior Coatings - We only use Lifetime Coatings with manufacturer warranties
  • Wall Repair and Restoration available for both Interior and Exterior Surfaces.

Reviews and Testimonials

Here you will find what local Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Homeowners and Business Owners have to say about our Painting Services.

High Quality Paints and Stains

We Use only the best Paints, Stains, Coatings in the Industry. And have a 20 Year Plus relationship with each of our Suppliers.